CB#1: Spring 2015 Wine Selections Have Arrived

Our first wine shipments of 2015 have arrived and are scheduled for delivery over the next two weeks. And the kick-off picks for 2015 couldn’t be any more exciting. Here we have two brilliant wines – one white and one red – from a brilliant up-and-coming wine star in the south of France. In the mountains of the Languedoc, overlooking the Mediterranean, we find the energetic and talented Katie Jones.

The story of Domaine Jones is the story of owner Katie Jones’ journey from a small town in the centre of England, just south of Derby, to the mountains and wine country of southern France. Today, we find Katie coaxing intense, aromatic wines from tiny plots of ancient vines, perched upon hillsides straddling the border between France’s Languedoc & Roussillon appellations. Perhaps just as improbable as Katie’s journey itself, is the quality of wines she’s producing and the international excitement amongst leading critics, wine lovers and Sommeliers alike for heretofore “under-loved” grape varieties like Carignan and Grenache Gris.

Starting with the moniker “Domaine Jones” adorning each bottle, there is something inherently unpretentious, modern and different about these wines. They are not produced in the cellars of a history steeped family winery, but the age of the vineyards producing the fruit for these wines give them an inherent and uncommon sense of pedigree and substance. The labels suggest a modern, playful tone, but are wrapped around bottles containing wines that are raising the quality expectations for a region with hundreds of years of winemaking history. Katie’s wines are surprisingly approachable and enjoyable in their youth, but offer the structure, intensity and complexity to improve with time in the cellar.

It is perhaps this collection of contradictions that makes Domaine Jones so fascinating. In a part of the world where it’s relatively easy to produce giving and fruit-forward wines, Domaine Jones offers something far more profound. Here, you will discover a remarkable collection of distinctive, characterful reds and whites that emphasize minerality, balance, finesse and drinkability. These are refreshing wines that return to wine’s roots as a beverage, to be enjoyed at the table with food.

CB#1: Spring/2015 – Wine Profiles

– [ Wine #1 ] –domaine_jones_blanc

2013 Domaine Jones Old Vines Grenache Gris

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Food Pairing Suggestions:

Smoked Trout & Potato Salad

Artichoke Risotto with Mascarpone, Lemon & Thyme

Grilled Branzino with Cilantro-Mint Relish

Aging Potential:

3 to 5 years

– [ Wine #2 ] –JONES FITOU 2010 PETIT FORMATii

2013 Domaine Jones Fitou Red

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Food Pairing Suggestions:

Top Sirloin of Beef with Whisky Mustard Sauce

Carne Asada / Grilled Skirt Steak Tacos

Duck Breast with Wild Mushrooms

Aging Potential:

5 to 7 years

Andrew Hanna Written by:

Andrew Hanna is a 3rd generation wine importer and Director of Marketing & Sales at John Hanna & Sons Ltd. / Winetrader.ca